Level 4 Diploma (Previously Certificate)  in Fire Science and Fire Safety Syllabus

Total qualification time is 150 hours:

  • 147 hours of learning study. Study may be self-study (please see the section on recommended reading material below) and may include relevant employer training programmes or other work-related training.
  • 3 hours of assessment (directed time) i.e. one three-hour examination.

However, the length of time needed to prepare for this examination is not a mandatory time frame and will vary depending upon the starting point for each candidate. Most candidates prepare for IFE examinations via self-study or by drawing on training provided by their employer that covers aspects of the syllabus. Candidates are advised to cross-map their study/training against the content of the syllabus to ensure that all parts of the syllabus have been covered. Recommended reading materials are listed under study material.

In order to achieve the Level 4 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety, candidates need to achieve the Level 4 Certificate in Fire Engineering Science, the Level 4 Certificate in Fire Safety, and two of the other specialist qualifications at Level 4 Certificates as listed above.  The qualifications above are equivalent to the former unit examinations. Guidance on the structure of the Diploma and the relationship between the qualifications above and the previous units is available below.