From 3 June 2017, all applicants for Fellow , in addition to being a current MIFireE member, will need to have been Member (MIFireE) grade for a minimum of three continuous years and to submit an application which includes the following;

·         A completed download here

·         Two Fellow referee statements from current FIFireE members – Fellow referee statement can be downloaded here

·         A CV, or detailed biography, which provides evidence of significant individual responsibility, sustained achievement and exceptional professionalism, successful leadership and/or outstanding service/contribution to the fire engineering profession over an extended period (normally not less than 15 years)

·         A Personal Statement of between 500 and 1000 words which gives details of why the applicant feels they should be awarded Fellow grade, with particular reference to any involvement they have had so far with the IFE through Branches, SIGs, examinations etc and what their future plans are to maintain involvement and help to promote the IFE

·         A CPD record for the last two years – guidance on CPD can be found on the IFE website at http://www.ife.org.uk/Training-Development.  CPD can be accepted on the IFE template, through mycareerpath® or through another template which follows a similar format

·         A copy of a current organisation chart which clearly shows where the applicant is placed within their organisation.


Subscription fees (Annual)

Subscription fees are renewable on 1 January every year. New members joining from October to December will receive these months ‘gratis’ when paying the following year’s rate. Subscription fees are linked to the UK Pound and may therefore be subject to fluctuations in exchange rate. A membership application form must accompany new applications.

Grade / Title 2019
Student R1,100
Technician R1,720
Graduate R2,100
Associate R2,250
Member R2,940
Fellow R4,380
Affiliate (Individual) R2,259
Affiliate (Organisation) R11,900

Method of payment

Branch Code:
Acct Name:
Account No:
Standard Bank of SA Ltd
Institution of Fire Engineers (SA)

Cash, bank deposit, EFT, postal order, money order, moneygram are all acceptable methods of payment. Official company orders are not accepted for exam fee payments. Foreign payments must be done via SWIFT transfer from your bank to ours. With EFT and bank deposits please send proof of payment with your name and contact number clearly written on it, accompanied by the appropriate application.

Fellow referee request download here

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