IFE SA code of conduct

IFE SA code of conduct


The Institution of Fire Engineers (SA) requests that their members observe this Code of Conduct which forms the basis of the fundamental principles, supporting values and behaviours of our society.

The intent of the Institution is to foster the “spirit” within communities and the business world. How people relate to each other within the communities in which they live centres on such things as:

  • What is good for human beings wellbeing, health, happiness of people, organisations and communities; and
  • The regulation of human society to establish an environment to protect our safety and integrity.

This Code of Conduct relates to what is right or wrong, legal or illegal. A moral community exists where people define the ground rules and the moral basis on which their daily life and work is based. In private and corporate settings people work together sharing common interests and goals.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is simple in its reference and application. It embodies the three universal principles of Justice; Respect for Persons; Responsible Care.


  • To share power with one another for the common good.
  • To have universal fairness and equity.
  • To avoid discrimination, abuse, harassment or exploitation of people.
  • To uphold the laws of South Africa.

Respect for Persons

  • To enable or empower others to achieve their potential.
  • To promote the social wellbeing of others.
  • To apply honesty, truthfulness and sincerity when dealing with others.
  • Respect the rights to liberty and the dignity of others.

Responsible Care

  • To do good and avoid doing harm to others.
  • Have a duty of care to protect weak and vulnerable people.
  • Have a duty of advocacy, to defend the rights of people who are unable to defend themselves.
  • Our actions should enhance the reputation of the Institution.

Sustainable Development

To conduct business and private actions according to sustainable development principles for the benefit of future generations, ensuring the protection of “triple bottom line” – our planet, people and profits.

Desired Outcome

The above Code of Conduct seeks to set a framework standard for the guidance of our members and to complement and display the professionalism of our members when operating within our communities.

This Code of Conduct applies to every member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (SA).

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