Level 3 Certificate Passive Fire Protection

Level 3 Certificate Passive Fire Protection


Thisqualification has been developed in partnership with the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP).  It will be suitable for those who install or inspect passive fire protection measures.

Aims of the Qualification

  • This qualification has been designed to recognise, and to encourage learners to develop:
  • The underpinning knowledge and understanding related to fire science and human behaviour that affects the requirements for passive fire protection
  • specialist technical understanding of passive fire protection measures
  • understanding of the breadth of factors that affect effective passive fire protection measures
  • underpinning knowledge of the range of active fire protection systems and how these systems align with passive fire protection measures
  • specialist understanding that supports effective performance in the workplace

Target Audience

This qualification will be appropriate for individuals either directly engaged in passive
fire protection or those who need to develop an understanding of the passive fire safety systems that are essential to the delivery of their primary role such as:
  • Managers and technical supervisors working in passive fire protection roles
  • Technical salesstaff
  • Designers
  • Fire Risk Assessors
  • Site Inspectors

Learning Outcomes

Candidates who achieve this qualification should be able to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of fire science
  • Demonstrate understanding of methods of active protection
  • Demonstrate understanding of the following passive fire protection measures:
    • Fire protection to the structural frame of the building and fire retardant coatings
    • Fire resisting walls, floors and ceiling and fire resistant glazing
    • Fire stopping, penetration seals, cavity barriers, ductwork and dampers and the building envelope
    • Fire resisting doors, industrial shutters and hardware

Form of Assessment

The assessment takes the form of one three hour examination. The examination will be structured in two sections:
  • Section 1 of the examination will address section 1 of the unit ie fire and fire protection. This section will comprise short questions. Questions will target all aspects of the content of section 1 of the unit. There will be 40 marks available.
  • Section 2 of the examination will address section 2of the unit ie passive fire protection measures.This section will also comprise short questions. Questions will target all aspects of the content of section 2 of the unit. There will be 80 marks available.
  • In order to achieve a pass, candidates will be required to attain at least 70% of the marks available (ie 84 marks).

Grading and Certification

Achievement at unit level is not graded. Successful candidates are awarded a Pass Certificate.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Qualification Learning Time

The length of time needed to prepare for this examination will vary depending upon the starting point for each individual. Candidates should spend around 350hours preparing for the examination.  Total qualification time is 350 hours.
  • 347 hours of study. Study may be self-study but the IFE recommends that candidates undertake at least 35- 40 hours of direct training.
  • 3 hours of assessment (directed time) ie one three-hour examination.

Qualification Level

This qualification has been designed to enable candidates to demonstrate that they have attained skills and knowledge at Level 3. Other types of qualifications that are set at Level 3 include A levels, NVQs at Level 3 and Diplomas at Level 3 such as the IFE Level 3 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety.
The qualifications regulator, Ofqual, has provided the following descriptors to illustrate the
knowledge and skills expected from those who hold qualifications at Level 3.

To view the specification for the qualification, click IFE Level 3 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection.

Book List

The Book List for the IFE Level 3 Certificate Passive Fire Protection is available here.

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