Entry form guidance and exam entry form

Entry form guidance and exam entry form

March 2020 Exams


Candidates are advised to read the information in this guidance document before completing the exam application form.  The guidance provides information on the application process and relevant timeline.

Completing the Application Form

Please complete all of the information required on the form. Please write clearly as the information provided will be used by the IFE in order to communicate with you and to process your examination arrangements.

With reference to the timetable indicated here. take care not to choose two units taking place at the same time. Exam fees can be found on page 2 of the application form. For Preferred Exam Centre, refer to the list on page 3 of the application. The application form also contains information about where to send the form upon completion.

The IFE recommends that you retain a copy of your completed exam application form as the form includes a summary of the examinations that you have entered and the times when the examinations will take place. It also includes the Terms and Conditions for examination candidates.

Terms and Conditions for Candidates

You must read the Terms and Conditions  prior to submitting your application form and tick the box on the form to confirm your acceptance of these. The IFE is not able to accept applications without this confirmation from candidates.

Payment of Examination Fees and Charges

If you are resident in South Africa or wish to enter the exams via the SA Branch, your application form and payment should be sent to the SA Branch for processing before 30 November 2019.  Payment must be made in South African Rands.

No application will be processed unless it is accompanied by the appropriate fees. NB Foreign students: if you submit payment by SWIFT transfer (which can take up to 5 working days to appear on a bank statement), then your application will not be processed until payment has been received.  Payment made in this manner must be received before the final closing date of 30 November.  MoneyGram or Western Union payments must be agreed in advance by special arrangement with the South African Branch, and must be sent 3 working days before 30 November 2019.

If any payments are rejected, we will make contact to request an alternative method of payment. If no further payment is received, the IFE will cancel the examination entry and no examination papers will be provided to the examination venue.

Late Entries

Late Entries will be accepted only where the IFE can accommodate the candidate at an appropriate examination centre. The last date for accepting late entries will be 6 January 2020. The late fee of R1,200-00 is added to the standard entry fees.

IFE South African Branch examination entry fees for March 2020 are as follows:

 Entries up to 30 November 2019
Level 2 CertificateR1,550N/A
Level 2 Certificate Passive Fire ProtectionR1,550N/A
Level 3 Certificate Fire ScienceR1,065R3,810
Level 3 Certificate Passive Fire ProtectionN/AR2,230
Level 3 Diploma R2,230 R7,720
Level 4 Certificate R2,480 R8,670

Refund of Entry Fees available up to 6 January 2019

Candidates who change their minds and wish to withdraw from examinations may ask for a full refund of their entry fee up until 6 January 2020. After 6 January 2020, no refunds will be available.  Refund requests up to 6 January 2020 should be made to the SA Branch office on email: adminstaff@ife.org.za 

Withdrawing from Examinations

Please see Special Consideration Application Form which sets out the limited situations in which a deferral arrangement may be possible and the supporting documentation which will be required by the IFE in order to process the request. Where the request is approved, an administration fee will be charged for each examination paper deferred.

  • All Level papers:  R660,00 per paper

Amendment to Examination Entries

Candidates may amend their examination entry without further charge up to 6 January 2020.  After 6 January 2020, the IFE will try to meet requests for changes to papers/venues. However, changes may not be possible at this stage and the IFE reserves the right to make an administration charge, e.g. where additional postal charges are incurred.

Examination Centres

The South Africa exams centres available here Please be aware that this list is not definitive as sometimes venues change due to unforeseen circumstances or may not be able to run, or may have a maximum capacity. Wherever this is the case we will endeavour to inform those affected as promptly as possible.

Applying for Reasonable Adjustments

Candidates who have disabilities or particular assessment needs such as dyslexia are able to apply for reasonable adjustments. All requests should be submitted using the appropriate form. Candidates who wish to apply for reasonable adjustments will need to complete and submit an application for reasonable adjustments at the time that they apply to take examinations and by 30 November at the latest.  Please refer to the Reasonable Adjustments Policy and Reasonable Adjustments Application Form, or contact the IFE SA Branch for guidance on applying.

What happens after I have applied?

If you have submitted your application directly to the IFE SA office, we shall email you to confirm receipt. By mid September examination confirmation letters will be emailed to all candidates together with information regarding the exam venue they have been allocated. We urge every candidate to read this letter carefully and to immediately advise us of any discrepancies. Kindly note that during busy times, entries can take some time to acknowledge. If in doubt, contact us by telephone or email.

If you receive any notification from the IFE that the application cannot be processed, please respond immediately.  If you do not contact us, you are at risk of not being entered for your requested examination.

Note to all candidates: If you have not received your emailed letter by Mid February (not before), please contact us and we will email a copy. Please check your Spam folder regularly as IFE emails have been known to end up in the Spam or trash folders.

Further Information

Please search this website for further information related to the March 2020 examinations, or the IFE UK website: https://www.ife.org.uk/March-2020-Examinations.

For information on policies and procedures and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) click here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at email: adminstaff@ife.org.za or telephone: +27 11 788 4329.

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