Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The IFE supports the concept and practice of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) believing it to be essential to effective performance as a professional fire engineer. The IFE defines CPD as:

The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the practitioners working life.

Since 1997, the IFE has advocated the adoption of CPD by all its members as the way to further their knowledge, understanding and expertise in whatever field of Fire Engineering they practice. In order to assist its members the IFE has produced a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Guidance, CPD Recognised Activities listing and a CPD Activity Log for members to record their CPD activities.  All members of the IFE are encouraged to undertake and record CPD.

The IFE places most emphasis on the outcome of any CPD activity, rather than meeting any fixed quota. However, as a guide, an applicant for Member grade would be expected to provide evidence that they he or she has undertaken and recorded at least 25 hours of CPD per year, in the 2 years immediately preceding his or her application.

It would be expected that a record of CPD would include a mix of formal (lectures, seminars, branch events etc) and informal (structured reading, personal development activities in voluntary work, observation, analysis of events etc). Formal activities would be expected to have a duration of at least 12.5 hours in each year and informal activities should equate to a further 25 hours (informal CPD is credited on a two hours for one basis).

It is not necessary to provide copies of CPD certificates when applying to the IFE; greater value is placed on a personal record of CPD in which some analysis of the content value and future use of the development activity has been carried out. The method of recording is a matter for each individual. However, the format should clearly show what has been done, including the time spent on each activity, describe what was learned by the individual and how the development can be used in the future.

It is an obligation of membership that members maintain their standard of professionalism. Planning, undertaking and recording CPD, in accordance with the guidance issued by the IFE, is a means of demonstrating your commitment to professionalism.

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