Level 3 diploma


IFE Level 3 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety 

This qualification recognises the knowledge and understanding of those operating in, or preparing for, a range of roles at level 3 including Watch Managers and fire professional specialists (eg Fire Safety).  In order to achieve the qualification, candidates must achieve the two mandatory units and also two optional units.  Each unit is assessed by an examination of three hours.

Assessment takes the form of one three-hour examination per Certificate. The examination is closed-book and provides a summative assessment of the full range of learning specified in the content below.

Candidates will be required to complete six questions from a choice of eight questions. There will be 20 marks available for each of the questions.
In order to achieve a pass, candidates will be required to attain at least 40% of the 120 marks available to them via the six questions (ie 48 marks).

Candidates who answer fewer than six questions will be able to achieve a pass as long as they achieve the minimum pass mark of 48. Where candidates answer more than six questions, candidates will not benefit as only the six best responses will be included in the final total mark.

Examinations are provided in English only


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