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Recommended Study Material

Recommended Reading List

Candidates should be aware that this reading list is advisory rather than definitive. Candidates should use the syllabus for the examination as their guide in deciding what reading materials they need to help them prepare for the examination – please see the section on Content below.

The IFE recommends that all candidates should read widely in order to extend the depth and breadth of their knowledge and understanding.
The IFE has applied the following criteria in determining which resources should be included on this recommended reading list:

  • the resource provides information which will be of benefit to the candidate in their professional life, providing depth and breadth of understanding;
  • the resource contains some information that will be relevant to part of the syllabus;
  • the resource is recognised by industry professionals as providing valuable information.

Candidates preparing for the examinations are advised to refer to the list below or the book list see here.


All the free downloads listed on the book lists for all qualifications are available free of charge from the IFE Office.  Please send an email to adminstaff@ife.org.za with a full list of the required downloads and we will gladly email them to you.

IFE Preliminary Correspondence Course
Level 2 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations and Safety 500/5925/7

This distance learning course has been developed for students preparing for the Institution of Fire Engineers’ international Level 2 Certificate Examination.

The course is recommended for learners who are new to the field of fire engineering or who have no other relevant qualifications.  The objective of the Level 2 Certificate is to develop a basic understanding of the principles of Fire Engineering and to certify the knowledge so gained.

The step-by-step learning aid is set out in three modules, following the IFE syllabus in subjects of Fire Engineering Science, Fire Safety and Fire Operations, using the IFE prescribed study material.  Students can complete lessons in their own time.

Recommended course duration is usually one year, though this can be completed in less time if the student is prepared to increase the dedicated study time.

Students will receive guidance, tutorial (self-assessment) worksheets and assignments to be submitted for tutor marking.  Tutor assistance will also be available.

Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of course completion.

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