Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

However, candidates are advised that this specification provides progression from the Level 3 Certificate in Fire Science, Operations, Fire Safety and Management; therefore, candidates who have previously achieved the Level 3 Certificate will be able to build upon relevant knowledge and understanding. Candidates who have not achieved the Level 3 Certificate are advised to ensure that they have developed the fundamental knowledge and understanding covered in the specification for the Level 3 Certificate.

Candidates should be aware that most examination questions will take the form of essay questions.  Candidates will therefore need to be able to communicate effectively in writing. In addition, candidates are advised that mathematical skills will be required in order to complete the Fire Engineering Science examination and relevant calculations in other units.


Candidates who are successful in achieving the Level 3 Diploma will be able to progress to the Level 4 Diploma in Fire Science and Fire Safety (HL). Candidates may choose to progress only to specific units (e.g. Aviation Fire Operations or Fire Safety) if they prefer to extend specific aspects of their knowledge rather than achieving the full qualification.

Further Information

Past Papers for Level 3 Diploma can be downloaded from this website.

Candidates preparing for the Level 3 Diploma examinations are also advised to refer to the guidance document and Recommended Book List.