Level 2 certificate

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, candidates are advised that mathematical skills will be required in order to carry out and complete calculations in section 1 of the examination.


Candidates who are successful in achieving the Level 2 Certificate will have developed knowledge and understanding that will prepare them to undertake further study.

Candidates may wish to progress to qualifications at Level 3 such as the IFE Level 3 Certificate and/or the IFE Level 3 Diploma. Candidates may choose to progress to specific units only at Level 3 (e.g. Fire Safety) if they prefer to extend specific aspects of their knowledge and understanding rather than achieving full qualifications.

Candidates taking examinations in October 2021 should refer to the updated August 2020 syllabus found here.

Further Information

Further information on examination conditions is available in the IFE Guidance for SA Branch Candidates  for students taking examinations in March 2021 exams.

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