What is fire engineering?

What does a fire engineer do?

Profile of a fire engineer

In summary, a Fire Engineer is a specialist whose knowledge covers a wide range of scientific, technological, sociological, management and legal topics related to fire and its prevention and extinction.

A fire engineer, by education, training and experience:

  • understands the nature and characteristics of fire and the mechanisms of fire spread and the control of fire and the associated products of combustion;
  • understands how fires originate, spread within and outside buildings/structures, and can be detected, controlled, and/or extinguished;
  • is able to anticipate the behavour of materials, structures, machines, apparatus, and processes as related to the protection of life, property and the environment from fire;
  • has an understanding of the interactions and integration of fire safety systems and all other systems in buildings, industrial structures and similar facilities;
  • is able to make use of the above and any other required knowledge to undertake the practice of fire engineering.

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