IFE Membership

Rules of membership

  1. Titles and Grades
    The IFE draws a distinction between titles and grades of membership. Titles are awarded to persons and organisations who have an interest in the objectives of the IFE, or to members who have made a considerable personal contribution to the IFE’s objectives. The grades of membership form the framework for recognition of professional development.
  2. Titles

    1. The title of Affiliate is available for organisations, or individuals with an interest in fire engineering who have not, at this stage, met the requirements of a membership grade.
    2. The Companion title is the IFE’s only premier title that can only be made by a nomination. It is a title that is awarded to members of any grade who have given outstanding service to the IFE and/or to an IFE branch and/or to the profession of fire engineering. Members that have been awarded the Companion title retain their original IFE grade. For example, a Companion Graduate member may use the post nominal letters CGIFireE.
  3. Grades
    The grades are prescribed in the IFE’s Schedule of By-Laws and provide for both corporate (voting) and non-corporate membership. The IFE encourages all fire engineers to continually develop their membership status and to engage with IFE activities. Post nominal letters may only be used by current, fully paid-up members. The IFE will take action in the event of unauthorised use of post nominal letters, including continued use despite non-payment of subscriptions.

    1. Corporate Grades
      Grade Post Nominal Letters
      Associate AIFireE
      Member MIFireE
      Fellow FIFireE
      Life Fellow FIFireE (Life)
    2. Non-Corporate Grades
      Grade Post Nominal Letters
      Student None
      Technician TIFireE
      Graduate GIFireE

    Candidates applying for membership grades, or to transfer between grades, will be expected to provide appropriate evidence of eligibility. There are general requirements for membership and specific requirements for each grade of membership.

  4. Requirements for Membership
    1. Adherence to the IFE’s Code of Conduct Policy
    2. Compliance with the principles of the IFE’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Guidance
  5. Requirements for Entry to Specific Grades of Membership
    1. Student
      1. Currently following a programme of study (evidence must be provided)
      2. Membership at Student grade is allowed for a maximum of five years, after which the individual will be required to apply to transfer to a different grade of IFE membership or to the title of Affiliate Individual
    2. Technician
      1. IFE Level 3 Certificate; or UK Statutory Sub Officer/Junior Officer 2 exams; or IFE EngTech registration (Engineering Council or international equivalent); or Recognised Educational Programme for Technician grade (www.ife.org.uk) ; or Equivalent (email: adminstaff@ife.org.za)
      2. IPD Requirements for Technician Membership (www.ife.org.uk), evidenced through a report
    3. Graduate
      1. IFE Level 3 Diploma; or NVQ Level 3 (fire-related); or UK Statutory Officer exams; or Recognised Educational Programme for Graduate grade (www.ife.org.uk) ; or Equivalent (email: adminstaff@ife.org.za)
      2. A minimum of 3 years of acceptable fire-related training and responsible experience.
    4. Associate
      1. Degree in a fire-related subject; or IFE Level 4 Certificate; or Recognised Educational Programme for Member grade (www.ife.org.uk) ; or Equivalent (email: adminstaff@ife.org.za)
      2. Two referees currently holding an IFE corporate grade of membership (AIFireE, MIFireE or FIFireE)
    5. Member
      1. Degree in a fire-related subject; or IFE Level 4 Certificate; or Recognised Educational Programme for Member grade (www.ife.org.uk); or Equivalent (email: adminstaff@ife.org.za)
      2. Two referees currently holding an IFE Member or Fellow grade of membership (MIFireE or FIFireE)
      3. Two years of relevant and sufficient CPD immediately prior to application
      4. IPD Requirements for Member (www.ife.org.uk), evidenced through a report
    6. Fellow
      1. Current MIFireE membership of the IFE; or in exceptional circumstances only, individuals may be nominated through the Board of Directors.
      2. Significant individual responsibility and exceptional contribution to the fire engineering profession over an extended period of time, not normally less than 15 years.
      3. Two referees currently holding an IFE Fellow grade of membership.
    7. Life Fellow
      Access to this grade is by invitation from the IFE’s Board of Directors, who may elect as a Life Fellow a current Fellow member who has given outstanding service to the IFE for many years. Life Fellows are not normally be under the age of 65 years and, at any one time, the number of Life Fellows cannot exceed six.
  6. Engineering Council Registration
    The Engineering Council has five sections of registration,

    1. Chartered Engineer (CEng)
    2. Interim Registrant for Chartered Engineer
    3. Incorporated Engineer (IEng)
    4. Interim Registrant for Incorporated Engineer
    5. Engineering Technician (EngTech)

    Please refer to Rules of the IFE Registrants Group, available at www.ife.org.uk, for details.

    Successful applicants for Engineering Council registration are automatically granted an appropriate grade of membership.

    Engineering Council Section IFE Membership Grade Automatically Granted Post Nominal Letters
    Chartered Engineer Member CEng MIFireE
    Interim Registration for Chartered Engineer Associate AIFireE
    Incorporated Engineer Member IEng MIFireE
    Interim Registration for Incorporated Engineer Associate AIFireE
    Engineering Technician Technician EngTech TIFireE

    In the circumstance of a member already being in a higher level IFE membership grade than the grade automatically conferred at time of registration, then the higher IFE grade remains in place. For example, should a Fellow member (FIFireE) successfully be registered as a Chartered Engineer (CEng), he or she would retain Fellow membership and be able to use the post nominal letters CEng FIFireE.

  7. Subscriptions
    1. Annual membership subscriptions fall due on 1st January each year. A renewal notice is sent to all members each year.
    2. New members joining in the last three months of the calendar year are only required to pay for the subsequent year’s subscription and effectively receive three months of membership in their year of joining free of charge.
    3. Non-payment of subscriptions results in the member being struck off the membership list and losing the privileges of membership, including the right to use the distinctive titles and post nominal letters. Members who wish to rejoin may be charged an administrative fee.
    4. Subscription fees are set by the Board and are reviewed annually.
    5. Where a local branch exists outside the UK, annual subscriptions are payable to the local branch, which may retain fifty percent of the subscription to support local IFE activities, and remits the remainder to the IFE’s Head Office to fund central membership expenses such as the International Fire Professional Journal and administration.
  8. Membership of IFE Branches
    1. The IFE has many local branches and groups established internationally, as well as Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
    2. Membership of the IFE is not conditional on membership of any geographical branch, or any Special Interest Group.
    3. Membership of an IFE branch, group or Special Interest Group is conditional on membership of the main body of the IFE.
    4. In some cases, additional fees are payable to be a member of a local branch of the IFE, although these are usually minimal and there are normally considerable benefits of joining such as access to CPD activities, professional networks, potential mentors and social activities.
  9. Code of Conduct
    As laid down in the IFE’s By-Laws, any member of the IFE may be suspended, asked to resign, or struck off the membership roll if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, the member is guilty of dishonourable or unprofessional conduct. Please refer to IFE Code of Conduct
  10. Reinstating your membership – new policy

    With effect from 1 June 2018, a new membership reinstatement policy is in operation. All requests for membership reinstatement will need to be accompanied by a current CV and evidence of the past 12 months’ CPD, together with a reinstatement fee. This will then be submitted to the Membership Applications Assessment Panel for peer review and decision on reinstatement. The Panel meet approximately every 6 weeks. Decisions on reinstatement will be emailed shortly after the Panel meet with a request for the membership fee at the current rate. Reinstatement of membership will be complete upon receipt of payment of full membership fee by IFE Head Office.

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