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Studying for a career in the fire industry? Why not sign up as a member? You will receive access to Member Only resources, including the IFEs journal, International Fire Professional.

Why should you join the IFE?

  • Membership of one of the largest and most international fire engineering associations in the world.
  • Quarterly International Fire Professional journal published in the UK.
  • International membership card.
  • Branch newsletter.
  • Discount on examination study material, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Access to 11,500 members in 41 Branches for publication and communication of information on the latest development in fire engineering technology.
  • Development of many products and services for your continuous development as a member of the Fire Industry.
  • Opportunities to meet other members through branch and international meetings/conferences from all levels and activities within the Fire Industry.
  • Opportunities to meet other members within the examination programme, form study groups and obtain academic assistance from fellow students.
  • Opportunity to follow a programme of Continuing Professional Development.
  • National and international recognition of membership to the Institution, which can assist in career progression. It also represents a recognised level of achievement.
  • Benefits of advanced knowledge of products and services.
  • Designator initials after your name depending on the grade you apply for.
  • Opportunities for promotion/contacts within ones own chosen industry.
  • Interface with other Professional Institutes.

Above all, the Institution of Fire Engineers is an independent organisation for those in the Fire Industry to communicate with each other through a central professional body and learned society to the benefit of its members.

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