Price List

Price List

Our Course Cost are as follows :

Course Name Key Course Content Cost
5 day Fundamentals of Fire Investigation
  • Basic fire investigation methodology
  • Basic fire science
  • Origin determination
  • Cause determination and expert testimony
R12 000 per person
10 day Fire Safety Management
  • Fire safety legislation
  • Business continuity
  • Passive structural fire protection
  • Escape route provision
  • Fire risk assessment and fire safety management of specific risks.
R17 000 per person
5 day Interpretation and Application of Local Authority By-Laws
  • Administration
  • fire prevention
  • fire protection
  • public safety
  • flammable liquids and gases
  • Transportation of dangerous goods.
R 10 000 per person
5 day Examination of Building Plans and Conducting Fire Inspections
  • Responsibility of the Local Authority,
  • Responsibility of the plan submission applicant, Types of plans
  • Building plan interpretation and identifying building services.
  • Computing occupancy load
  • Inspecting first aid fire-fighting equipment and Inspecting fixed fire suppression systems
  • Law enforcement and record-keeping
R 10 000 per person
5 day Fundamentals of Design and Evaluation of Engineered Solutions
  • National Building Regulations
  • Introduction to BS 7974
  • Overview of BS 7974
  • Published documents and other design approaches
R10 000 per person

Bespoke courses can be arranged after due consultation with the Institution of Fire Engineers SA.

Alternatively please contact the IFE SA for a quotation on email: or by telephone on: +27 11 788 4329

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