Preparing for Examinations

Preparing for Examinations

The IFE does not provide training courses for candidates preparing for the examinations.  Candidates are required to manage their own learning in preparation for the examinations.

Candidates should use the published syllabus as the starting point for their learning and reading.

A brief guide for candidates on answering examination questions is available.  The guide includes information on level of difficulty, instructions and command words, common errors and tips for approaching examination questions –  Candidate Guide

Recommended Study Material

The Recommended Study Material per exam level is advisory.  The lists are not intended to be comprehensive but provide a starting point for candidates.

Level 2 Certificate recommended study material

Level 3 Certificate recommended study material

Level 3 Diploma recommended study material

Level 4 Certificate recommended study material

Other Resources

The following support materials are also available to candidates:

Hazardous Materials and Radiation Handout for Level 2 Certificate

Formula Booklet for Fire Engineering Science

Leadership and Management for Level 3 Diploma and Level 4 Certificate

Management and Administration for Level 3 Certificate

Past Papers and Sample Questions

Candidates are also advised to review the past papers and sample questions provided on the website as this will illustrate the type and range of questions that may be asked in examinations.

Level 2 Certificate Sample Questions

Level 3 Certificate Sample Questions and

Level 3 Certificate 2017  Examiner Report

Level 3 Diploma Past Exam Papers and Examiner Reports

Level 4 Certificate Past Exam Papers and Examiner Reports

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